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Well....This website is contains a lot of powerfull details about the world's latest news as on 2nd February, 2004. Because I am creating this site at this perticular date. I am going to furnish some basic features down here about all of my life and also about the net world. This is my personal website and anyone around the Globe can watch this site without entering any password to access this service. Just watch it away and make fun. In this page I am going to describe about this site......if you want to move another page of this site for having a knowledge in the another part of this website so please click the link located beside this page.

Well this portion is just known as the personal sheet of myself. I am here to furnish my interests, hobbies down for viewers kind perusal. This is about my personal interest and informations. I have a keen interest to make my personal website, eventually I have some knowledge in HTML Script and I completed my DTP course from an organisation; and thats make me show my interest to create a website. I always use the net to know more about the features of the Globe, and some websites allow me to gather my knowledge in different parts of the World. Those websites are BBC, CNN, Disney, Action, Sci-Fi etc. I have completed the DTP course from EDIT Institute, the branch of Camac Street, Kolkata. Ok.... I have also a keen interest to tell about some few courses of those beginers who want to create their own website about How to create webstite? How to make it fabulous by using HTML Script? Ok....just click on the link i have created above in "Create Website" and "HTML Script". Well if u want to know more about anything after visiting this site, please feel free to contact me at Niladri Sen.

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